Chief and Council

The White River First Nation’s Council shall be composed of one (1) Chief, four (4) Councillors (2 Upper Tanana and 2 Northern Tutchone) and two (2) alternate Councillors (1 Upper Tanana and 1 Northern Tutchone).

All elected members of the Council shall be elected at a General Assembly and shall serve for a term of three years.

Current Council was elected on March 20, 2021.

Chief Bessie Chasse

  • Portfolio: Administration
  • Email:
  • Phone: (867) 862-7802

WRFN Councilors:

  • Stan Peter (Northern Tutchone),
  • Jolenda Johnny (Upper Tanana),
    • Portfolio: Lands
  • Dwayne Broeren (Northern Tutchone),
    • Portfolio: Health
  • Charles Eikland Sr. (Upper Tanana),
    • Portfolio: Capital
  • Quanah VanderMeer (Alternate Upper Tanana),
  • Vacant (Alternate Northern Tutchone).

Please see calendar for up-coming Chief & Council Meeting dates.


6.5 – The quorum of all Council Meetings shall be any three members of the Council.

6.7 – Notwithstanding 6.6, any two (2) members of Council may request that the Executive Director call an emergency meeting of Council.

6.8 – There shall be a minimum of two regularly scheduled Council Meetings per month.

6.10 – The Council shall make all their meetings open to the Citizens of the First Nation. Council may decide to hold in-camera meetings when dealing with personnel matters.