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Employment & Training Officer

Post-Secondary Education is fully funded by Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada and Indigenous Skills & Employment Training (ISET) is fully funded by Council of Yukon First Nation and Government of Canada.

To be eligible for funding, students are:

  • treaty or registered First Nations individuals who have been resident in Canada for 12 consecutive months prior to the date of application for funding
  • To view all the eligible expenditures please see WRFN Student Support Policy or INAC National Guidelines

WRFN Student Policy:

National Guidelines:

Summary of Guidelines:

Vacant , Employment & Training Officer

Email: | Phone: (867) 862-7802 ext. 106

Community Education Liaison Coordinator (CELC)

Primarily deals with all WRFN students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 on WRFN Traditional Territory and off. This is fully funded by Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada. CELC works at Nel Nah Bessie John School during the Yukon School Calendar.

“7.4 Student Support Services

In the category of Student Support Services, eligible expenditures are:

  • room and board, or group homes costs for students who are attending school outside of Beaver Creek, Yukon or whose parents are temporarily away from their home community pursuing traditional activities such as trapping;
  • daily, extra-curricular, seasonal or special transportation (i.e. between the student’s permanent residence and a seasonal residence);
  • guidance, counselling and school liaison services;
  • financial assistance including the cost of purchase or rental of books and supplies, specialized clothing (including a graduation allowance), equipment (e.g. laboratory or shop costs) or specialized educational services (e.g. school psychologists), additional fees for specialized classes;
  • an allowance for reasonable incidental expenses for those students who are being accommodated outside of their home; and
  • school committee support consistent with provincial norms.”

Click on the link to view the Guidelines for the CELC:

K-12 School Supply Application form:

High School Boarding Support:

Students who move to Whitehorse from a Yukon community to complete secondary school have 2 options for support:

  • they can live in the Gadzoosdaa Student Residence ; or
  • receive a boarding allowance to live temporarily in a private residence.

Please click on the Government of Yukon link to view more information or downloading the forms:

Vacant Position, please contact ETO for any questions.

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First Nation School Board

The FNSB was established in February 2022, through a series of school-attendance area referenda, enabling Yukon First Nations to assume shared authority with Government of Yukon in the delivery of public-school education in the territory. Board-run schools continue to follow the BC Curriculum, but tailor the programming, lesson delivery and assessment methodology to reflect Yukon First Nations ways of knowing, being and doing.

These schools are for all Yukon students and promote reconciliation by enhancing a Yukon First Nations model that puts the student first, through a strengths-based, community-centered approach.

Equally, all teachers are welcome at these schools and are supported by the Board to adapt their strengths and thrive within the new pedagogy. We aim to authentically work with the community to make student-centered decisions, utilizing Community Committees and Parent Advisory Committees, that will be established shortly after the board trustees are elected in November.

In February of 2022, 8 schools joined the school board through a territory-wide series of referenda: Nel Nah Bessie John School was one of the eight schools that joined.

Chief Chasse on voting day

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