The Finance department is responsible for recording of accounting related transactions. The main function is the accounting for the First Nation within each department. This is done through a logical sequence of transactions beginning with budget preparation and ending with financial statement compilation. This team provides financial information and advice to Council, Department Directors and the General Assembly. The audit is completed by an external auditor.


  • Student bursary payments are made on the last pay period of the month
  • (See picture below of October 27, 2016 notice) Commencing November 4, 2016, all honorarium will be paid through Ceridian, WRFN’s Payroll service. The effects of this change in procedure will include the following:
    • all individuals must provide a CANADIAN Social Insurance Number, this SIN must permit individual to work in Canada,
    • All amounts paid to individuals will be reported to Canada Revenue Agency. WRFN will issue and T4A slip to each individual, and the funds will be taxable. No tax or other amounts will be deducted from these payments,
    • WRFN will report all amounts earned in 2016 to CRA,
    • Payment will be made at the same time as the payment of wages, either by direct deposit, or by cheque issued by Ceridian. WRFN receives these cheques by mail, and are usally avaiable every second Friday afternoon, and
    • NO honorarium cheques will be available before the event, and WRFN WILL NOT provide an advance.
    • There will be no change to the way in which travel claims, excluding any amount for an honorarium, are dealt with.

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WRFN-Mar 31,2016 consolidated fs

Salaries Honoraria and Travel – Elected 2014-2015 audit

WRFN Financials for 2014-2015 year

WRFN 2014 Schedule FTA


If you have any questions or concerns about WRFN Audit please Contact WRFN Executive Director or Finance Officer.

John Todd, Finance Director

Jane Rogers, Finance Officer

Email: | Phone: (867) 862-7802 ext. 108

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