Boards and Committees

These boards and committees is associated with White River First Nation through WRFN Staff or Members.

  • Housing Committee, This is committee isn’t operational at the moment but seeking individuals to put their name forward.
  • Chief’s Committee on Education, Chief Angela Demit sits on this committee. Yukon Chiefs approved a resolution establishing the Chiefs Committee on Education (the “CCOE”). The CCOE was established to provide strategic direction and political support to advance First Nation Education. It is intended that the CCOE represents all Yukon First Nations who choose to participate in this process, whether or not they are self-governing or members of the Council of Yukon First Nations (the “CYFN”). The CCOE is not intended to be a body or institution of the CYFN. It reports to the CYFN Leadership and other Yukon First Nation Chiefs.
  • President’s Advisory Council on First Nations Initiatives (PACFNI), Employment & Training Officer Bessie Chasse sits on this committee. PACFNI continues to grow and develop with the support and participation from each First Nation. PACFNI, comprised of educational representatives from each Yukon First Nation, plays an important role by assisting Yukon University in its goal to increase the effectiveness of programs and services offered, with the ultimate goal being the success of all Yukon University students. PACFNI has a mission to provide strategic direction to Yukon University, specifically the Board of Governors’ and the senior management team. This high profile committee plays an important role by assisting Yukon University with its goal to increase the effectiveness of programs and services, as well as helping to support Yukon First Nations build capacity and implement their final agreements. FNI aims to enhance the profile of First Nations by encouraging and supporting their involvement within the institution. Enhancing the role of First Nations and developing First Nation partnerships is a prime reason for the establishment and operation PACFNI and a main goal of the FNI department.
  • Nel Nah Bessie John School Council, Angela Demit was elected in the 2018 election and David Johnny Sr. sits on School Council for WRFN.
  • First Nations Education Commission, David Johnny Sr. sits on this board. The First Nation Education Commission (FNEC) is a longstanding education committee appointed by their Leadership. Typically, members oversee the education portfolio within their First Nation. FNEC is a principle mechanism by which priority setting as well as communication and engagement flows between First Nations and the Yukon Government’s Department of Education. Under the new proposed framework, FNEC would continue to play a key role in coordination and collaboration. The CCOE will provide oversight, direction and guidance to the FNEC and be involved directly in the work of the FNEC.