WRFN Approved Re-opening Plan

The six steps to staying safe and stopping the spread of COVID – 19 are:

  1. physical distancing;
  2. regular hand washing;
  3. staying home when sick;
  4. not gathering in groups of more than 10;
  5. avoiding travel and;
  6. self-isolating when required.

Initially, WRFN offices will remain closed to walk in traffic (doors locked). We of course will deal with Citizens by phone or in person as long as the above six steps are followed. As part of the discussion with Citizens who need to meet in person, we will ensure that the Citizen is not sick, has not recently traveled outside Yukon, and currently has no symptoms of COVID – 19 (cough, fever and/or chills, difficulty breathing, loss of taste or smell). We need to ensure that social distancing is maintained while citizens/staff/clients are in the office environment.

Workplace Information

  • Two-metre distancing between individuals should be maintained. If not possible, other measures should be used, such as the use of PPE.
  • Operations may need to be altered or postponed to maintain distancing. Where this is not possible (for safety reasons, transport situations), staff should wash hands often and practice good coughing/sneezing etiquette (coughing into elbow).
  • Limit business-related visitors to essential services only. This may include tradespeople.
  • Schedule visits to eliminate people gathering in the reception area.
  • When hands are not visibly soiled and between client interactions, alcohol-based hand sanitizer approved by Health Canada can be used. Staff should wash their hands with soap and water when visibly soiled, before and after any breaks, at the beginning and end of their shift.
  • Conduct business remotely (conference calls, video conference, E-mail), whenever possible.
  • Limit the exchange of papers (signing contracts). If documents must be exchanged, leave them on a clean surface while maintaining a two-metre distance. Avoid sharing pens and office equipment, disinfect after use.

To make an appointment with staff in Beaver Creek, YT please call 867-862-7802 ext. 0 to make arrangements this includes the Wellness Center. For appointments with WRFN Lands Department (Whitehorse) please call (867) 668-4121 to make arrangements.

If you have any questions about the re-opening plan please contact Sid VanderMeer at 867-862-7802 ext. 102 or email executivedirector@wrfn.ca

Please click on the PDF document to download and review the approved plan.